Storage Auctions

storage auctions uk

Storage Auctions UK

What is a Storage Auction

Storage auctions in the UK are starting to surface more every week. These auctions are the selling of the contents of storage units, containers or lockers. They are usally held online or at the storage facility site. There are around 1200 storage facilities across the United Kingdom all of which might hold storage auctions.

What you will Find in a Storage Auction

You will find all sorts of items at these auctions. From Household Furniture, Antiques and Collectables, Tools, and even Cars, boats. Most items you find in a storage locker do hold some value and can be reused or sold.

Live Auctions

You can furnish your entire house or stock up your Second-hand Shop. Or maybe your just out to find those hidden treasures that someone has stored in their storage unit.
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