What you Will Find

Storage units

They can be used for the storage of excess furniture, tools, and cars. People also use them to store or run there business in, Storage units can be used to store a deceased estate until they decide what to do with it. You should not bother paying fees for items that should be dumped or given away to charities. Bills can run up quick and if you self fall to far behind in the rent the contents of your unit might be sold at an auction.

What you Will Find

You would be amazed and what has been found in some units at auction. Cars, Bikes, Boats and even a helicopter. To those smaller yet still valuable items like jewellery, gold, collectable coins, notes, and comics. Antiques, general furniture, musical instruments and more.

Auctions in London will not just contain excess belongings they may contain imported products or a shop closures entire stock, cars, tools, collectables, bric-a-brac and more.

Watch a episode of Storage Wars or Storage Hunters and u will be amazed.